LEFA Week 1 – Player RecognitionPlayerRecognitionWeek1

Front: Emma Peart, Morgan Buckmaster, Sydney Strevig
Middle Row: Jackson Bassler, Jeremy Gebhart, Nate Thomas, Reese Huth
Back Row: Ryan Gladhill, Chris Grelli, Coach Lippy

Mission Statement Of The Littlestown Elementary Football AssociationThe mission of the Littlestown Elementary Football Association (LEFA) is to provide children residing in the Littlestown Area School District the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the great American game of football. In addition to providing instruction and support in the basics of the game, the members of the LEFA are committed to instilling the ideals of responsibility, character, good sportsmanship, and fair play in each child who participates.
Chris Grelli, President of LEFA
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